Slovenian DJ/producer Umek has released his newest single "It Is Simple But It Works Like Fcuk", as a release of 1605 Music Therapy. As the title suggests, the song is simple, as a sort of back-to-basics dance track, with subtle bass and not much layering at all. However, as the title also suggests, it works, and can serve as a useful DJ tool when performing live. The track is reminiscent of productions by dance legends like Carl Cox and David Morales. With the track's release are three remixes by Sinisa Tamamovic, DJ PP, and Filterheadz. Sinisa Tamamovic goes the dub route, with clever effects and a snappy rhythm section, while DJ PP funks things up with meaty percussion. The Filterheadz remix boasts almost-tribal sensibilities through the remix's drum layering. Umek's "It Is Simple But It Works Like Fcuk" EP is available now on Beatport.

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