EDM found itself the subject of SNL's most recent viral sensation, a digital short titled "When Will The Bass Drop?" Filmed at the NYC club, Marquee, the skit features a DJ named 'Davincii' (care to guess who they're referencing?), who gladly accepts loads of money of those who paid to come watch him "perform."

Despite its comical nature, it does raise some familiar questions regarding the scene. For example, that age-old question, "What is the DJ actually doing back there?" is addressed. It seems that Davincii is one of those "Button Pushers"… right, A-Trak?

Also, the conversation of overpriced DJs. Given the idea that a DJ might not be doing much, why is it so expensive to see some of EDM's biggest names? While we're on the topic, why do people actually pay all that money? Consumers of EDM were not left out of the skit either, being portrayed by a crowd of moronic, Davincii-obsessed clubbers who think the event is the best experience of their lives.

Here's the reality, dance music will always have critics that will question its credibility and authenticity. Fans of the genre will be criticized as well.
Contrary to what seems to be the popular outside opinion, however, not all club and festival-goers are simply waiting for the next brain-melting (or head-exploding, rather) drop.

At the end of the day, SNL made a funny skit. If you can't appreciate the humor in it, you're taking it too seriously... or maybe you're just like one of Davincii's fans.

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