Carl Cox and Flosstradamus. These are two names that do not usually go together. They were both featured as performers at the 2015 Electric Daisy Carnival: New York. That's about the extent of their relationship, or so we thought.

During Carl Cox's set at the festival's neonGARDEN stage, some random vocals began to be heard. Carl Cox is not known to get on the mic and say things like "turn up," so immediately the crowd knew something was up. Starting at the 1:05 mark, you begin to hear Flosstradamus' set over the sound system. Around 1:57, you can hear “All my medical smokers, when I say grow, you say kush,” and then “turn the fuck up” at 3:36. Pretty hilarious stuff, despite the fact that it was ruining the iconic DJ's set.

Carl Cox eventually cuts the music, refusing to start until the problem is solved, saying, “Somehow someone has gotten onto our microphone frequency. As soon as we find out who it is, we can get started. We'll find out who it is in a minute, we'll get it sorted out, and we can carry on the way we intended here at EDC." By this point, it seems the crowd becomes a bit restless, though the vast majority of them stick around for the problem to be resolved.

This just goes to show you, at a festival, things are going to go wrong. However, they typically don't, so perhaps this a testament to the crews that make sure everything runs smoothly at the countless festivals that exist today when things can go awry like this so quickly. Props to them, but let's also have a quick laugh at both their and Carl Cox's expense with this video.

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