After over a decade of chronicling the dance music charts, Beatport had only one real criticism from its users — not being able to listen to the full track. But now the days of the two-minute snippet are over.

Beatport has unveiled its shiny new mobile app, giving users the ability to stream Beatport’s massive catalogue of electronic music... for free. Modeled similarly to the Beatport website, the mobile app gives you access to Beatport’s charts, playlists, classics, rotations and artist spotlights. Additionally, Beatport Shows allows you to search and purchase tickets to upcoming shows by location. It’s kind of like your own personal Resident Advisor, but with GSP.

Beatport Live, in its beta stage, is a streaming feature on the app that will allow users to streaming live and recorded DJ performances in HD along with aggregated social activity from Twitter and Instagram. It will also give users the ability to subscribe to updates about new streams.

In the official Beatport press release Chief Product Officer Richard Ziade states, “The release of the new Beatport marks the first step towards an aggressive and ambitious roadmap ahead. In the months to follow and on a regular basis, features will be added across the Beatport suite of products. The aim is twofold, to bring more features and functionality to fans of electronic dance music, and to empower both fans and artists to bring their own forms of expression to the platform.”

But what about the music? The Good and the Bad:

When compared to other music streaming apps like Soundcloud and Spotify, Beatport lacks in the ease of music discovery. Soundcloud’s never-ending chronological scroll allows you to never miss a new track or repost. Spotify has nifty attributes that let you make playlists and save music for offline use. The Beatport app, in its infantance, is fun, but pretty stripped down (though I’m sure future add-ons will even the playing field). Want to listen to something specific? You’re going to have to search for it. What to hear that new Drake bootleg from Ryan Hemsworth? Sorry, not on Beatport.

BUT, what the Beatport app does offer is tasteful curation. Driven by an international team of seasoned writers and editors, Beatport has long spotted the sustained trends, not the short-lived outliers. As a audiofile myself, I scour the internet for banging tracks with 500 plays or less. However, I am often pleasantly surprised by music I already should’ve heard by now on Beatport’s homepage. In an age of every-genre-at-once style electronic music, it’s sometimes nice to have an older brother telling me what’s what.

The Beatport app is available for both iOS and Android.

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