Ever since SFX Entertainment acquired Beatport two years ago, the company has gone through some drastic changes to keep it relevant in today’s fluctuating music business. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, Beatport will go from an online music store to a streaming service in 2015 (although Beatport Pro will still be around to satisfy those looking to purchase rather than stream).

From the article: “Rather than selling downloads, the new site will feature a free, ad-supported music streaming service and the ability to listen on-demand to a catalog of mostly electronic songs.

“The site is likely to incorporate SFX’s latest acquisitions: a music-based social network called Listn, and hostess.fm, which allows users to listen in real time to what’s being played in clubs around the world.

“The goal: To funnel the roughly 300 million fans each year who visit SFX’s 59 separate websites, or view its content elsewhere, into one place, so that advertisers can reach them more efficiently, the company has said.”

When the service will be fully functional has not yet been disclosed, most likely due to Beatport’s ongoing negotiations for streaming rights to all the music on the site. But with streaming rapidly replacing the old model of owning a song, it only makes sense for Beatport to follow suit to stay relevant.

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