V-Moda XS Headphones Review
V-MODA’s XS headphones are the equivalent of a luxury sports car that goes on your ears. Its sleek and durable design creates for a convenient listening experience, devoid of common frustrations, such as tangling and bulkiness.
Trends in EDM that need to die… now
You've got to take the good with the bad, right? That's how many people in the dance music community have felt as of late. With every groundbreaking new trend, there are twice as many that we wish would go away. That's why we've compiled this list of trends that have resulted in …
Is Paris Hilton Paid More Than Your Favorite DJ?
Whether you think Paris Hilton is a legitimate DJ, or not, you must admit she's getting paid. With residencies in Ibiza and television appearances already under her belt, Paris claims to be one of the top 5 highest paid DJs in the world in the TMZ exclusive...
Pioneer launches DDJ-SB for the bedroom DJ in you
This week leading DJ equipment company Pioneer launched a third CDJ to their DDJ-S series with the compact and entry-level DDJ-SB. The newest addition features nearly all the same features found on the series’ more comprehensive DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR models but with a more compressed and…
Quickie With A DJ: Alex Cecil
- Favorite place on earth?
ALEX: Berlin
- Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment?
ALEX: V-moda headphones and McIntosh Turntable
- Biggest influence on your music?
ALEX: Digitalism
- Favorite item of clothing...

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