Tuna DJ gear is Rotterdam-based startup that is bringing us the next piece of tech that will help you launch your DJ career. Tuna Knobs turn your tablet into a DJ controller. This Kickstarter campaign raised three times its funding goal, so Tuna Knobs are currently in production and compatible with a variety of tablet/smartphone apps. Finally, aspiring DJs don't need to spend thousands of dollars on high-end equipment.

The Tuna Knobs are made with pieces of conductive rubber that simulate a touch to any touchscreen tablet. The knobs stick to any tablet with a suction cup, and are designed to give you the tactile precision you need when making music, while giving you the versatility of mobile applications.

Tuna Knobs are available online on the Tuna DJ Gear official webstore. Pick up the knobs in sets of two, four and six. Check out the knobs in action in the video below.