What's the greatest DJ set you've ever heard? I don't remember who or where I heard it, but I can easily recall one distinct feature that remained true in all my favorite sets — they all sounded like an hour-long song. Not because every track sounded identical. Rather, the tracks flowed so smoothly into one another that they appeared to be written in that order. How is this accomplished?

The truth about Harmonic Mixing...
The phenomenon responsible for these transfixing DJ sets is Harmonic Mixing, a technique established in the days of vinyl which has recently been streamlined. Back in the day, DJs would have to play along with the track, using a keyboard or any tonal instrument, to find out the song's key. Then they would arrange their tracks so the transitions in their sets would make sense.

Fast forward to 2015, all you have to do is drag and drop your tracks from Serato or Traktor directly into the intuitive Mixed in Key 7 application. Before you know it, your songs are, key matched, their energy levels are identified, and now in version 7, up to 8 cue points are automatically set when you rescan your crate's ID tags in Serato.

This process in total would've taken weeks if not months of...
- meticulously going through each song
- identifying it's key
- setting cue points...
- wash, rinse, repeat.

What everyone's saying about Mixed In Key:
DJ Mag is quoted as naming Mixed In Key the "Best DJ Tool of the year." The application is also avidly used by your favorite headlining DJs. I'm talking about Diplo, Ingrosso, Kaskade and David Guetta, just to name a few.

What now?
To create ear-perking mashups, produce hits using keymatched samples, keep the crowd hooked on your every beat and save productive hours, visit Mixed In Key's website for more info!

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