What do Axwell, Armin Van Buuren and David Guetta all have in common besides black leather jackets in their press photos? If you answered that they all used Nexus2 on some of their biggest hits, you're in the know!

What's all the buzz about Nexus2? The low CPU usage, up to 16 individual layers from 64 oscillators in each sound, 13 effect types and custom dynamic movement in your sounds should point the curious producer in the right direction. Whether it's trance or trap, house or hollywood scores, Nexus2 has the ideal sound for your arrangement. Here's some practical information about the synth to help you customize your sounds:

By clicking the "mix" tab in the central display, we can access the "feature matrix" and can then see the structure, signal flow and individual layers of each sound. The 'Arts Acoustic' master delay has various modes like 'ping-pong' for a wide stereo image and 'cross' where the sound changes it's pan position at every note iteration. The 6 insert effects and 13 effect types are accessed by clicking the 'mix' tab in the central display. The first two effect slots, i1 & i2 come before the master reverb while the the effect slots labeled m1 & m2 come after the master reverb in the effect chain. These master effects include a master limiter to prevent clipping and a 4-band parametric EQ for custom sound shaping.

Your personal effect chain can be saved in Nexus' effect library so every sound can be splashed with your special sauce. Recently, the reFX team have added an impulse-response reverb to the mix tab as well which can emulate how the sound will be heard in the particular room you select. These typically go for $100-200 on the market, just look at Native Instrument's Reflektor. Clicking on the "mod" tab in the central display gives us access to the modulation matrix which can give your sound dynamic movement by mapping various parameters to a selection of over 80 modulation destinations! When it comes to bringing new life to your sounds, Nexus2 also has a programmable arpeggiator with it's own designated preset library. In the same vein, the trance gate feature allows us to add rhythmic character and motion to our already titillating sounds.

We at elektro want to give our readers the inside scoop on all things EDM. That being said, Nexus2 is the ideal secret weapon to take to the front lines of the EDM battlefield. For more information, check out the official reFX website.

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