If you’re anything like me, you’re a headphone junkie, constantly searching for the perfect product to enhance your music listening experience. While searching for that perfect pair of headphones, there are numerous factors that affect your enjoyment of a particular pair. Quality, durability, comfort, style, and affordability are all major aspects that play a role. If you’re looking for a product that covers each of these aspects, then look no further than AIAIAI’s TMA-2 modular headphones.

AIAIAI has been a major player in the headphone game for some time, with their headphones being used artists including A-Trak, Boys Noize, RL Grime, James Murphy and Seth Troxler, just to name a few. If you’re a DJ and/or producer, you need a product that is going to offer the best quality sound for when you’re on the stage or in the studio. It is both the quality and the versatility of their products that have made AIAIAI one of the most utilized headphones in the dance music world.

The TMA-2’s are a headphone for any and every situation. Interchangeable phones allow for an easy switch between on-ear and over-ear, allowing users to use according to their preference.


As a music editor (and additionally, someone who utilizes public transportation), I wear headphones for extended periods of time. With the over-ear design, these headphones are the comfiest pair I’ve ever used. The soft padding that surrounds the ear and swivel design of the ear pieces fit for added comfort, and work to cancel out the noise of the outside world.

While in your isolated bubble of music, you will find that they provide fantastic sound quality. The clear sound and deep bass the headphones deliver let you hear the music the way it was intended; crystal clear.

The pristine sound quality makes this product perfect for simply listening to and enjoying your music. For DJs looking for their new best friend, the headphones conveniently come with a coiled wired to allow for movement, along with an adaptor for your equipment. Not to mention, they also have a sleek and beautiful design.

Durability is certainly not something you need to worry about with AIAIAI, as each of their headphones models come equipped with their virtually indestructible headband. Just give it a twist and a bend to see how durable it is. You’ll find that these headphones are battle-tested to withstand the abuse you’ll put them through where other headphones fall short and leave you music-less.


Last but not least, the are also friendly on your wallet. Such a quality headphone would usually go for 300+ dollars. However, each model is priced at under $200. You can pick them up on the AIAIAI website.

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