Numark's Lightwave speakers are a portable main stage. The 23 lb 8.4 x 29.2 x 10.1" speaker cabinet has built-in Beat Sync'd LED arrays that tickle the eyes with their brilliant light show. Spectacular Class D amplification with a durable cabinet that resists bumps, scratches, dust and stains and holds three 6.5-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter prove that phenomenal sound and cheerful lighting aren't reserved for crowded festivals and bottle service clubs.

You can toggle between the 5 customizable light-moods, control the brightness or disable the lights entirely with the Brightness control. If you want to channel your inner Fatman Scoop, you can plug a microphone into XLR cable, or keep it simple and plug in your iPhone and add the ideal soundtrack to your intimately illuminated evening.

In this recent study from National Geographic, reporter Virginia Hughes shared how neuroscientists just discovered a third type of light-sensitive eye cells (ipRGCs) that, while having no relation to vision, absorb light to properly set our circadian clock. Melanopsin, the primary protein in these cells, responds to blue light by waking the brain up and to orange light by increasing cognition. By turning one of your Lightwaves to orange and the other to blue, you'll have a crowd of intelligent and upbeat people ready to turn up!

So how are you going to turn your next graduation party, family reunion, karaoke night or rooftop party into an event where people can let go and have fun? Alcohol helps, but the Numark Lightwave is the happy medium between the I-didn't-care-enough-to-plan-ahead option of laptop speakers and the I-cared-way-too-much option of complicated stacks and full-blown PA system. See more information on the Numark official website, and check out the video below from the 2015 NAMM on the speakers.

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