Skrillex has established a reputation as an innovator, something he has shown in his productions. Now, he's teaming up with Google for an innovative new project. They have partnered to create incredible new smart phone cases for Android phones, which are making your smart phone smarter than its ever been. The above video takes its viewers through the functions of the cases. Utilizing a satellite (which Skrillex named "Nanou" after his favorite Aphex Twin track) they launched into space, the phone case receives images of the earth taken by the satellite each day. These photos also make up your phones ever-changing background. At night, the wallpaper changes to a constellation map, displaying the stars above your exact location.

Located on the back of the case is a button that brings users to their designated homepage with a single touch. The case also allows users to open a collection of photos, videos and more from Skrillex himself. On top of all of this, the case will also give users access to future features, including a forthcoming compilation that case owners will receive before anyone else.

This futuristic, innovative concept reflects his approach to his forward-thinking music, and is something that will resonate not solely with fans of Skrillex and electronic music. On top of their incredible features, they also come with awesome artwork, containing Skrillex's signature logo, the alien from the cover of his 2013 album Recess and more. The phone cases will be available in limited quantities and designed only for the Nexus 6, and cost $40 through the Google Store. Check out all of the designs in the gallery below.

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