The DJ Shadow-fronted Liquid Amber imprint is fresh off the success of the 10 Watt Lazers EP from the label's first signee, Bleep Bloop. However, the label isn't slowing down one bit. They've announced that the next release will be coming from the label's second signee, Ruckazoid.

Vocalist, innovator, turntablist, producer, and inventor are just a few titles that the mutli-talented Ruckazoid has earned throughout his 15 years in the business. Among his many accomplishments, his vocals have appeared on Ed Banger's Breakbot viral hits "Fantasy" and "You Should Know,” Salva’s “Freaky Dancing,”  and has produced singles with Theophilius London.

He is also responsible for the creation of the Controller One, the first music turntable that allows the user to play any record like notes, invented by Ruckazoid himself and designed by Verstax in 2005. It is with the use of this controller that he was able to construct this forthcoming EP Scratchgod 1, a release comprised entirely of scratching and manipulated sounds through the use of the turntable.

The release is set for March 10 on Liquid Amber. In anticipation of the release, the label employed a strategy that is very unique and innovative, much like the forthcoming release itself, by sharing the lead track off of the release, "Money," with a select group of journalists in the electronic dance music scene via text message. One listen to the track shared, "Money," showed that Liquid Amber will continue bringing a variety of sounds with each release. The track is a live recording of Ruckazoid’s turntable mixing, complete with sampling, scratching, loops, and barraging bass breakdowns, and hints at what great things are to come from the full release. Stay tuned for music and more information from Scratchgod 1 EP to come soon. In the mean time, check out Ruckazoid's official website.

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