After starting his own imprint, Liquid Amber, the legendary turntablist DJ Shadow has released the debut EP of his first signee. Fellow California DJ/producer Bleep Bloop is officially the first artist to get the stamp of approval from DJ Shadow himself.

This debut release comes in the form of the '10 Watt Lazers' EP, a three-piece collection that showcases the young artist's unique combination of grime and hip-hop in a style that will satisfy fans of any electronic genre. From the bouncy laser-filled title track to the circus-sounding, bassy onslaught of 'Denial' (which is available for free download), this landmark release is setting the stage for what could be a massive breakthrough for this promising newcomer.

Liquid Amber is also establishing itself to become one of the premier labels in the music industry. With an artist like DJ Shadow behind its operation, it's hard to believe it won't see success. DJ Shadow talks about the release of this EP, saying, "This is the first Liquid Amber release by an artist other than myself, so it's an exciting and challenging phase of the process. I'm learning something new daily, and that's rewarding. With Aaron's music, it's not hard for me to be motivated to work on his behalf. He's one of the artists pushing boundaries, and that's a cause I'll always get behind."

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