Surprise! Bet you didn't see that one coming. Yes, the new Liquid Amber duo is comprised of label head and legendary turntablist DJ Shadow and up and coming bass music producer G Jones. The story of this union began once DJ Shadow began incorporating tracks from Saturate!, the label of Liquid Amber signee Bleep Bloop and G Jones, during his All Basses Covered Tour in 2012. During Shadow's performance at Emissions Festival in 2013, Shadow played out tracks by both Bleep Bloop and G Jones. After his set, a young man called to him saying "Hey man, you just played some of my music," and he introduced himself as Aaron Triggs, aka Bleep Bloop.

Triggs, who is good friends with G Jones, would be his and Shadow's connection. After Shadow sought out G Jones to open for him in 2013, Shadow became impressed with his Ableton skills, and decided to make their musical relationship more permanent with the formation of Nite School Klik. "Jones' real strong suit, in addition to putting beats together, is as an engineer," says Shadow. "It's one thing to understand music engineering, but it’s another thing to execute it well."

G Jones talks about their musical direction, saying "We're trying to make something that sounds like cool, contemporary and heavy hitting bass music that's between genres. Something a bit more experimental — songs as opposed to DJ tracks." The avant-garde approach to their music can certainly be heard in the track that introduced the duo, "Posse." This is even more so in their newest work, "Nice Nightmares," which you can now stream and download via Stereoload. Check out the track, and watch for the official release of the full EP coming in June.

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