Tomorrow (March 10) marks the release of Ruckazoid's debut EP on the DJ Shadow-fronted label Liquid Amber. This exclusive taste of the album is the track "Let The Music Take Control," and it is a prime example of the album's creative theme. Each of the tracks featured on the EP, Scratchgod 1, are live recordings of Ruckazoid’s turntable mixing, as he scratches and manipulates sounds manually — a refreshing approach in a world where much of electronic music production is performed using computer programs.

This track showcases Ruckazoid's unique sound and style, combining various samples with key and string progressions and elements of hip-hop, electro and even hardstyle-sounding percussion to create something entirely new and revolutionary to the scene. This track is certainly an indicator of the kind of forward-thinking material Scratchgod 1 is going to contain, making the Liquid Amber imprint a most fitting home for this monumental release.

DJ-producer are just two of the accolades on Ruckazoid's resume. He is also a vocalist, with tracks like Ed Banger’s Breakbot viral hits “Fantasy” and “You Should Know,” Salva’s “Freaky Dancing,” co-produced singles alongside Theophilius London on his resume. You can also add inventor to that list, as he is also responsible for the creation of the Controller One, the first music turntable that allows the user to play any record like notes, which is what he utilized in the creation of Scratchgod 1. Watch for the official release on Liquid Amber, and stay tuned for more to come from Ruckazoid and the DJ Shadow-led camp soon.

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