Become the ultimate bedroom DJ with the unique new controller from Hercules, the DJControlWave, which connects wirelessly with your iPad, and allows users to mix from the use of a free app.

There’s no need for any kind of cable between the controller and the iPad: the Bluetooth connection is instant and the control is totally wireless. When mixing at a party, the DJ is even free to take the iPad onto the dance floor, away from the controller, without ever losing control of the mix! The Hercules DJControlWave’s range is up to 33 feet (10 meters).

The controller’s built-in rechargeable battery is also a huge plus in terms of freedom of movement: say goodbye to the days when a DJ always had to keep the controller connected to a power source. Battery life even allows for a whole night of non-stop mixing (up to 8 hours)!

DJs can either connect speakers to the iPad via a wired connection or wirelessly if using a Bluetooth speaker, making it possible to mix without any cables at all for the ultimate in DJing freedom!

Pick one up on the official Hercules website!