Style Of Eye's EP with Gina Turner "Ray Dee Oh", supplies a variety of different sounds, including 3 different versions of the track "Ray Dee Oh", as well as a new original track titled "Norman" featuring Bessem. The different mixes of the track "Ray Dee Oh" are broken up into the FM, AM, and Club mixes. The FM and AM versions are progressive-electro tracks, that march along with the tracks' vocals. The funky electronic beats bounce on and on mesh with the tracks' mixing of the chopped and screwed vocals, creating an interesting sound that can be enjoyed in any environment. The track's club mix focuses more on bringing in housey synth and bass elements to the track. The track's build-up and drop (as the title implies) makes the track suitable to grace the sound systems of dance clubs. Style Of Eye's collaboration with Bessem titled "Norway", is a track that fuses their progressive-electro sound with hip-hop elements. The ambient guitar and bass progressions mix with the electronic layering of the track, creating a chilled hip-hop sounding beat. This Fool's Gold release exemplifies the unique nature of Style Of Eye's sound, which seems to transcend a genre title.

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