We were recently given the opportunity to sit down for a few moments with our favorite DJ couple, Laidback Luke and Gina Turner. A couple that DJs together stays together right? Now having brought a child into the world, we think it's safe to say we've got a musical prodigy in the making. Read our interview below, which touches on summer festivals, production software, future plans, chocolate fries and more!

Gina, how'd you first meet Laidback Luke?

Gina: It's a funny story... we met through a mutual friend back in LA around 2007-2008. Luke was playing Steve Aoki's night at Cinespace where I was the unofficial host. Someone stole one of his CDs (this is the pre-USB era) and we had clicked from our mutual outrage. Then we started making music together strictly as platonic friends. One thing led to another and now we're married with a kid. We really just started as friends who both shared a love for music

Luke, how does the practice of Kung Fu prime your mind and body to be more effective when you're making music?

It helps me manage such a crazy schedule. I'm at home for about 4 days a month. Everyone wants something from you. It's insanely busy juggling remixes, tracks coming into your inbox, attending management and strategy meetings. The lack of sleep can really get to you, the average touring DJ gets about 4 hours of sleep per night. This leaves no space for hangovers, I personally take over 200 flights a year to get to my over 150 worldwide shows. To stay sane throughout all this chaos, I use Kung Fu to give me peace of mind as well as a strong body.

Favorite Plugin?

Luke: I rely heavily on stock Ableton plugins. The Ableton Reverb and EQ 8 are some of my favorites (I even prefer them over higher end EQs like FabFilter's ProQ). I have iZotope's Ozone 6 & 4, but I prefer 4 to 6. I use it for harmonic excitement which is the key to a lot of the brightness in my tracks.

Gina: Effectrix! It's free and I use it all the time.

Favorite Summer Festival?

Luke: That's gotta be Tomorrowland. I have the pleasure of them embracing my Super You & Me concept. They've gladly given me the Super You & Me Arena, and have expressed their love for the whole concept and building the story decor that surrounds the festival. I love how they've locked in on the Super You & Me theme and made it their own.

Gina: I've played EDC NY almost every year and while I'm not officially playing, I treat that as the start of the summer since it's memorial day weekend and takes place in my home town!  Also since I'm a Mets fan, it's an honor to have played at CitiField and where the Jets played.

Catch Gina Turner at EDC New York on the Neon Garden stage this Sunday, May 24 from 1 - 2:45PM!

If you had to pick one track that landed you a spot on the Ultra Music Festival lineup, what would it be?

Luke: In the states it would be my remix of Wynter Gordon's "Dirty Talk." It's still a classic, I dropped it during my set at the Ultra Worldwide stage. "Turbulence" came afterwards. At this point I can spin a 4 hour set of only my tracks because I've been releasing music since 1995.

What's next for Gina Turner musically?

Gina: I'm doing a compilation for NYC based record label Safer At Night. Every artist that has a record on this compilation did it under a "darker" alter ego. It's going to be a lot of deeper and darker stuff. I also have a bunch of tech house and techno tunes I'm putting out in June and July, possibly releasing it on Australia's Vicious Recordings.

What's your baby making anthem?

Luke: I noticed a lot of DJs, myself included, live in complete silence because we're always dealing with music. For instance, when I work out and drive my car I'm resting my ears and mind. When I hear music I hear every element as if I'm a chef who can taste each individual herb, I even hear the amount of compression, reverb and delay times applied to each layer. Due to that, I can't really enjoy listening to music as a casual fan would. That's why I choose to go about my daily life without music playing because otherwise I get too analytic about what I'm hearing.

Gina: This is a little awkward since my brother is standing right here but Luke and I don't need a baby making anthem since we make hot beats together.

Last meal on death row?

Luke: Fries and chocolate are my guilty pleasure, so let's say... chocolate fries!

Gina: It would be big.  First of all I'd have to start with a white pizza (no tomato sauce!) then I'd have lasagna and pho.  To finish it off I'd have some cannolis from Arthur Ave in NYC.

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