After forming in 2009, Pleasurekraft shook up the dance culture with their distinct style of production that would forever change the music industry. With breakout tracks like the percussion centered "Kanamari" and the bouncy hit tune "Tarantula," the duo brought new flavors to the dance music buffet that was blossoming at the time. Fusing elements of techno and house to create intoxicating grooves that destroyed the dancefloor helped to transform the genre into it’s next stage of evolution and over the years their catalogue of stand-out releases shows just how important they are to the scene that we know and love today.

After more than two years without any official Pleasurekraft original material we are now presented with their long awaited release titled "Troller." A number of collaborations have surfaced since their last original release in 2012, but with "Troller" we see just how far they’ve come as producers. A tech-house oriented track laced with rolling bass-lines and classy, groove-heavy high-hats, this new release is already making waves in the dance scene. This track also see’s their return to their own Kraft imprint that has become a trendsetting label in recent years. 2015 is shaping up to be a massive year for Pleasurekraft, watch this space for more news coming soon. Be sure to grab the release at Beatport.

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