Toronto native Stephane Deschenes, a.k.a. Damn Kids, has released his EP, "Kavoda," a two-track release that should put this young producer on your map. After only one year as a professional musician, Damn Kids has already released 2 EPs, his second on the Trouble & Bass label, and has seen support from the likes of AC Slater, Dave Nada, Pleasurekraft, and DJ Craze. Now on his third release, it is no wonder why Damn Kids is having such quick success. It is due to his hard-hitting trap that brings the streets to the dancefloor. The first track on "Kavoda" is the release's title track, which brings heavy percussion, rapid key progressions, and pitched vocal cut edits to create this steady-rocking banger. The following track, "Bakba," supplies heavy synth and dark key riffs leading to the chainsaw-sounding drop, complete with unexpected tempo changes, going from high-hats and snaps, to upbeat percussion brings a ton of energy to this trap production. With trap currently playing an enormous role in the EDM world, Damn Kids is blooming at the perfect time. His "Kavoda" EP shows why this young producer is set for big things. Check out Damn Kids "Kavoda" EP below.

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