Webster Hall’s marquee was lit up Saturday night with the names Pleasurekraft & Umek, a curious combination for those unfamiliar with their music. It was a warm day in New York City, the warmest since the fall, and the City was packed with people enjoying the warmer weather, out and about, but Webster played host to the hottest party of all.

Upon my arrival, Kaveh, one-half of Pleasurekraft, was already ‘pleasing’ the crowd with the signature PK sound. Set to Webster Hall’s “Circus” Saturdays, with trapeze artists, fire breathers, strange characters walking around in stilts, and shiny go-go girls, the night had a festive theme. Pleasurekraft’s set perfectly complemented the atmosphere of circus freaks. It included “Tarantula,” as well as his newest release with Jaceo & Vedic, “American Hustle,” among others. Pleasurekraft got the whole crowd dancin’ even before Umek hit the stage at 2am.

In reality, Umek came on at 3am – daylight savings time. The curtain was raised and U-M-E-K was outlined on the screen in bright red. Then, the DJ came out to two laptops and some very unique equipment. The beat got a little harder, a little heavier, and the room went wild. Right before he came on, Umek posted a photo of the trapeze artists and duly noted he was “amazed by the crowd.” Fans were dancing on top of speakers, on top of the platforms, and everybody could feel the energy coming off the stage. It seemed nobody minded the lost hour as the party went on far past my stay… but even Umek himself agrees, “I had a blast!”

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