After the phenomenal success of the “American Hustle” EP, the boys of Pleasurekraft, Jaceo & Vedic came together to release the dark and sensual “313 (Detroit Calling)” EP, aptly named after the city’s area code. Out now on Bitten Records and available on Beatport, this EP features 2 tracks: “313” and “212.”

The latter, not to be confused with New York City’s area code, refers to the temperature that water converts from liquid to gas. “212” is a meant to make you hot, reflecting the fiery feeling you experience bouncing to the fierce music in your favorite sweaty nightclub. Appropriately so, the words in this track are by Ray Winstone from the film “Sexy Beast.”

Each track features sincere words of wisdom. “313” is an homage to the city's resilience in the face of constant hardships which gave birth to a musical genre and movement that has touched the lives of millions around the world. The track paints a nostalgic picture of the beginning of the DJ, “We took the record player, the only thing playing the music… and turned it into an instrument, which it wasn’t supposed to be.” And boom goes the drop. Sexy. Buy the Pleasurekraft, Jaceo & Vedic “313 (Detroit Calling)” EP here.

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