A mistake people that frequent live music events make too often is not wearing earplugs. I'll admit it, I foolishly make the same mistake because the music just doesn't sound as good with earplugs blocking out some of the sound. This is the reason many people don't utilize hearing protection. However, thanks to DUBS Earplugs, now you don't have to choose between protecting your ears and sacrificing the clarity of sound at an event.

According to the DUBS site, "The DUBS use Dynamic Attenuation, an intricate mechanical process that filters sound. While traditional earplugs distort and muffle, our engineers developed a proprietary combination of high and low pass filters that allow the DUBS to reduce volume while preserving the proper balance and clarity of the audio you hear."

Unlike awkward foam earplugs, the DUBS unique form factor allow them to be worn comfortably and to sit flush against the ear. The DUBS are reusable, and come with a convenient, portable case to go with you everywhere. It's a concert goer's best friend.

If you're heading out to Coachella, you will be receiving a pair of the DUBS, as it is included in ever Coachella Welcome Box. Read more about their partnership on the DUBS website.

The state of the art pair of DUBS earplugs are on sale for just $25. They comes in four different colors (teal, blue, pink and white), and can be purchased in packs of two, four, six and eight. Protect your ears before it's too late, and pick up the DUBS earplugs on their official webstore.