Two weeks later and the memories of CRSSD in San Diego continue to linger. Simplified to the tee, The Wall Street Journal describes the 21+ festival best, as: "EDM for Adults" -- as long as said adults are classy, sassy, and down to party -- and as such, has deepened the emotional consistency of a weekend at Waterfront Park. It grows up a scene that brought fans to EDM in the first place; something unlike any other party available today.

In it's third venture, CRSSD Fest continued to propel it's distinguished reputation in the electronic music scene with a line up that catered to a more poised electronic music palette. Indie electronica was served up on a pretty platter for a crowd just as mesmerizing and interesting to mingle with as the music and venue itself.

Our favorite highlight from the weekend came with two Gorgon City sets on Sunday. The first a b2b with Kidnap Kid, the second a live set at the famous Ocean Live main stage. Drawbacks this time around were the: colder than anticipated misty weather, though juxtaposed by the warmth of several more hundred bodies in the crowd.

See below a collection of our favorite songs we heard at the fest--driving ear worms into our thought patterns, along with our favorite shots taken from house photographers - Felicia Garcia, Skyler Greene, Glen Silva, Gabe Tiano: