What’s special about CRSSD Festival--located annually in San Diego, CA and put on by Goldenvoice alongside SD-based promoters FNGRS CRSSD--is that it’s filled to the brim with acts that will leave you speechless. From deep house and techno, to indie dance music finding it’s way to the main stage, the notoriously eclectic festival is littered with tantalizing spectacles suited for the more sophisticated “raver.”


Amidst the breathtaking lineup slated for this fall’s edition of the festival though, we’ve found that we’re most excited for the three+ sets below. Here’s why:




We’re suckers over here at Elektro for b2b sets, and CRSSD is famous to never disappoint when delivering on this guilty pleasure. But when you put together the king of G-House, DESTRUCTO (better known as the father of HARD Events, Gary Richards), with the likes of Ed Banger founder Busy P (aka Pedro Winter), we suddenly find ourselves ready to bow down to all the genius that made this possible. So tighten up your dancing shoes, life as-you-know-it is about to flip upside down (and dirty).





TRIPPY TURTLE and then LIDO (because they are the same person!!)

A few CRSSD’s ago both Trippy Turtle and Lido made their debut at the festival. It was an exciting day as we had never seen either of the artists perform, and in different respects, we were equally excited to experience both of them for the first time. But as we went from Trippy Turtle bouncing up & down in his green turtle hoodie, to Lido’s live Ocean View set only moments after, we were mesmerized by how this button down wearing “new-kid-on-the-block” looked eerily similar to the booty beats DJ that just performed across the venue…  This time around though, we’ll stand in the crowd in even more awe at the dynamic yet completely different sets we now know are being performed by the single, yet doubly talented-- Peder Losnegård.






As the second headliner slated on the lineup next to the recently re-emerged Miike Snow, Zhu is undoubtedly an obvious “Must-See.” With the release of his debut full-length album “Generationwhy” just on the surface, and rumors of a live saxophone coming to breathe during his most recent tour dates, the ambiguous artist is set to deliver the best set of the weekend. Move over…everyone else.


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