Leave it to Deadmau5 to start 2014 year off with a fresh batch of drama. After finishing off 2013 with the launch of his subscription service and controversy surrounding his New Year’s gigs in Montreal and New York City , it would be natural to assume the Canadian superstar was looking forward to starting 2014 right vis-à-vis a New Year’s Day booking at Miami’s Mansion nightclub. That assumption would be dead wrong. Zimmerman unsurprisingly came out of his January 1st set disillusioned, taking to his recently reactivated Twitter account to air out his dislike of Miami’s crowd. With his infamous no-holds-bar attitude Deadmau5 left no stone unturned, calling Mansion attendees “trust fund kids” and promising to never again play a gig in the Magic City.

Die-hard Deadmau5 fans based in the sunshine-filled city were bewildered, wondering how the DJ and producer could discriminate against an entire city’s-worth of fans based only on one subpar crowd. It seems that Space, a nightlife institution in Miami, felt the same. The club has extended an open invitation to the producer to spin at the iconic venue, known for its powerhouse marathons as recently seen with Loco Dice’s monstrous 17 hour set on the Terrace last week. Going as far as to offer $25,000 for a private jet and accommodations, the venue has invited Deadmau5 to put on a completely free show for his fans in Miami, all in an effort to discount the producer’s anti-Miami stance. The craziest part of it all? Zimmerman has unofficially accepted the challenge via his Twitter. Though he concedes details need to be worked out behind the scenes, Deadmau5’s quick response has fans in Miami and across the globe buzzing with excitement and the prospect of a marathon set from the DJ.

It is interesting to note however that Space is owned by the same nightlife company, the Opium Group, leaving some to wonder whether this blitz challenge is genuine or simply another cleverly orchestrated news bit from the well-oiled machine that is the Deadmau5 enterprise. Whatever the case is, we’ll certainly keep an ear out for further updates, hopefully culminating with the announcement of a truly special set at Space Miami that Deadmau5 fans would be wary to miss.

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