After teasing the collaboration on Soundcloud by posting a snippet of the track a few days ago, Deadmau5 has released the full stream of his work-in-progress collaboration with Grabbitz, "Blood For The Bloodgoat." This collaboration, which Deadmu5 writes on the track's Soundcloud page is "brought to you by the esoteric order of Dagon," is a seven-minute creation that once again proves why Deadmau5 is one of the most acclaimed and seasoned producers in the game.

Labeled as #Goatstep, the track comes complete with a soothingly beautiful intro containing melodic strings accompanied by the vocals of Grabbitz. The song kicks into overdrive when the pulsing bassline and trance-y synths explode, bringing a sound reminiscent of classic Deadmau5 tracks like "Strobe" and "I Remember."

No official release information has been released just yet, but this track hints that he may have a heap of new music coming our way soon. Stay tuned for the track's official release and more new tunes to come from Deadmau5 soon.