It is no secret that both Deadmau5 and close friend Tommy Lee like to have fun... and that they have the money and resources to keep themselves constantly entertained. Their most  recent mischievous activity came as a spur of the moment stop off the Gumball 300 super car rally, as they made a pit stop at a fireworks distributor to pick up $400 worth of explosives to set off in the desert. Joined by Tory Belleci from the popular show Mythbusters, who admits that he's not a professional but plays one on TV, they have their fun, but not without some danger, as they nearly hit the cameraman with a bottle rocket in the groin. Talk about a close call. Once the show is over, they pull away in their beautifully over-the-top Lamborghini's.

Those who follow Deadmau5 know how much he loves his toys. From his incredible analog studio setup to his impressive automobiles, Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) is truly a little kid in a grown up's body... a very rich grown up's body. He recently invited The Verge to his home to show off his collection of drones. Joel showcased his variety of drone models, and The Verge crew even got the chance to try them out. They test out each drone model, put them up against the speed of his ATV and his Lamborghini McLaren 650S (just a couple more of his favorite toys). Deadmau5 even shows off his shooting skills by taking target practice on one of the drones, stating it’s how he deals when other drones wander onto his property. Never a dull moment in the life of Deadmau5.

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