Winter is coming! Being the jolly giant that he is, Hodor trekked south of the wall to warn Deadmau5 that the White Walker invasion is imminent. Hodor, Hodor! Baffled but the news of the looming frozen zombie apocalypse, Deadmau5 urges Hodor to join him on a quest to warn the rest of Canada. The two jump into Deadmau5’s tricked-out Jeep Rubicon and rush to the nearest Tim Horton’s to get some coffee before their quest… or something like that.

Kristian Narin, also known as Hodor, has been busy DJing around the world on his Rave of Thrones tour, which you might already have heard about. What you might not know is that Narin has been DJing for over 20 years, but his stardom has recently pushed his DJing career to the next level. While in Toronto for a tour date, Narin stopped by Zimmerman’s country estate for a quick drive and a coffee, per Zimmerman’s usual Coffee Run series. Though you might have expected Zimmerman’s slick Maclaren or Ferrari, his Rubicon was the only ride that would comfortably fit Narin.

On the 30 minute coffee excursion, Nairn reveals a few of his future plans, including a movie, TV show, and an EP, but does not confirm whether he’ll be returning to Game of Thrones. And of course, Zimmerman makes Narin pay the bill. Classic.

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