Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, and Michael Phelps walk into a massive pool party… Sounds too good to be true, no?

After announcing their first collaborative effort back in August, SOL Republic and Motorola finally have their dope new speakers, the DECK, available at retailers across the country. To promote the hardware, which allows for up to five people to connect their devices and interchangeably select music to play, the two technology giants enlisted the help of EDM finest, along with a few Olympic swimmers, to showcase the party-friendly nature of the DECK. Lil Jon starts the party shuffle with his hot new collaboration it DJ Snake, “Turn Down For What," but is quickly one-upped by Michael Phelps, who plays Peter Robert’s “Second to None” like a true Olympic record-breaker. However, it seems its Steve Aoki who gets the last laugh in this one, playing out his track “Boneless” as the entire party crowd gets literally Aokified. See what we mean in SOL Republic and Motorola’s DECK clip above!

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