What do you look for in a pair of earbuds? For us at elektro, we look for a great fit, great sound and possibly most important of all, that they don't fall out of our ears when we're running to catch the train! Relays from SOL REPUBLIC are exactly we're looking for. With their patent-pending FreeFlex technology, you could expect a seamless adaptive fit for your ears that won't fall out on you while you're at the gym.

Gizmodo wrote "SOL REPUBLIC's new sweat-proof earbuds might be the most versatile yet." So weather you're a student, athlete or just looking to enhance your daily commute - pick up a pair of Relays from http://www.solrepublic.com/ today!

To celebrate their launch, SOL REPUBLIC has given us a free download of RUN DMT's track "Ladies Night" which plays throughout the video, enjoy!

Written by: Mark Wolf

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