When Skream puts out music, we listen. The celebrated producer is as prolific as he is controversial, and one need look no further than his music to see why. The UK powerhouse has unveiled a teaser for a production and all we’re saying is this: Skream better lock himself in the studio until he’s done with it cause we want it and we want it now! “Thoughts of You” features no vocals and yet, we know exactly what Skream means to say. A playful xylophone kicks things off alongside some 90s-tastic claps before we find ourselves living inside a fantastic piano loop. You’ll be spinning and spinning on the dance floor like you own the whole damn club, fueled by the loop’s eerie sense of longing. After the two-and-half minute mark the faintest of strings sneak their way into your ear and suddenly drop you off into a steady retro beat that lets you know this has only been the beginning. Closer to the four minute mark triumphant trumpet synths announce themselves in Studio 54-grandeur, at which point you proceed to bug the hell out and seek immediate medical attention. Listen to the club tester below and join us in anxiously hoping you catch a glimpse of this number at an upcoming Skream set!

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