Monster has been a leader in the audio cable game for decades, promising optimized gear performance for your on-stage and studio needs. In recent years, the company has expanded its lifestyle branch, with killer headphones like the Diamond Tears we’ve raved about before. Now the company is claiming a stake in the DJ equipment field with the release of their own portable DJ system and production studio, the aptly-named GO-DJ. The two-in-one package comes is remarkably compact, jamming a bounty of features within a slender metallic casing that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The Go-DJ aims to eliminate the need for turntables, laptops, and controllers. Instead they hope you’ll simply reach into your pocket for their newest device, a one-stop shop for creating and mixing music like a pro. Planked by touch-panel LCD screens on each end, the Go-DJ has a metallic center with hardware knobs for volume, FX, and cue points along with its crossfader. The screens hold the GO-DJ’s very own touch-screen turntables and musical pads for creating and looping drums, beats and samples. Other options within each screen include auto sync, more effects, 24 sample sounds, and even a 16-beat step sequencer. Along with its own 2 GB internal memory, the device can draw its music from SD cards or other streaming devices and even comes complete with playlist and live recording features. Equipped with mic and headphone inputs as well as line-in, line-out, and USB ports, the GO-DJ is ready for quick and painless cable setup.

The layout of the GO-DJ is organized such that you need to scroll through various screens on the LCDs to reach your desired feature or effect, making this a device for more experienced mixers who can grasp the timing necessary to reach and execute desired functions when mixing. On the production end, the portability can’t be beat – no pun intended – and works perfect for on-the-fly mashups. You can make Monster’s GO-DJ your own for $600 and get your next party started right. Check it out in action in the clip below and learn more about the GO-DJ here!

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