All you EDM fans out there, how many times have you heard an ear catching track, tried to Shazam it, only to be disappointed by receiving the dreaded “We couldn’t find a match” message? Well, we are thrilled to announce that your woes may in fact be over. On Tuesday Will Mills, director of music and content at Shazam, stated in an interview that Shazam will be teaming up with Beatport to add 1.5 million songs to Shazam’s database. Beatport, the most comprehensive catalogue of EDM in the world, will give the song matching app full access to its catalogue in the hopes that you will now be able to identify every house, electro, trap, hardstyle, and obscure remix that your heart desires. This long awaited partnership will mean that you will never leave the dancefloor again wishing you knew the name of that killer track.

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