You know that feeling when you hear your favorite song and you just have to move? This guy understands what that's like. This hardstyle fan may have forgotten his headphones but he certainly didn't forget his dance moves. Instead, he showed off his excellent footwork for the world to see at a Sydney library. Granted hardstyle may not be the most conducive music genre for studying and reading, but he's not going to let that stop him from letting loose to the music of DJ Tatanka, an Italian hardstyle DJ-producer.

This, of course, was not an impromptu rave performed by the Austrlian man. Instead this was part of his YouTube channel The Slendy Show EDM & Pranks, where SlenderTheMan (as he goes by) uploads videos of skits, pranks, social experiments and more. This is also not the first publicly thrown one man rave he has participated in. He recently performed the same prank on some unsuspecting students at the University of Technology in Sydney to a track titled "Timebomb" by Neophyte & Tha Playah. You can check out that prank below as well.

These are certainly entertaining videos, and ones that we hope there are more of in the near future. We just hope to not be present for the filming of any of them. I for one can't deal with those chills that you get when through your body you're really embarrassed for someone. I hate that. So next time you ever feel the urge to just break out and dance in public, just tell everyone that "Slenderman made me do it!"

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