In case you haven't heard of Lindsay Lowend - Electric Forest just summed it up perfectly...
"What do you get when you mix bass music with jazz fusion and a Super Nintendo?"


Lowend who just finished off an impressive set at Mysteryland US, is ready to hit the Tripolee stage and show the forest a different side of electronic music.

With an arsenal packed full of 8-bit jams - The DC native is quickly become a leader in the "Future Trap / Chill Trap / Whatever you want to call it" space that is also populated by the likes of Future Classic's roster, Trippy Turtle, and more. However, it is entirely unfair to label Lindsay as just another trap producer... the young star is fusing so much groovy soul into the mix it's hard not to bob your head and twist your hips!

Just take a listen to his 'Wind Fish EP' to get a taste of what we're talking bout.

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