You've heard about that magic that lives in the forest. You see photos online and across your timeline/newsfeed. However, nothing truly compares to that first moment when you step under the trees, look towards the sky, and realize the forest comes to life at night.

Cherub starting things off right at Electric Forest '14

As we approached the festival grounds on Thursday, you could already hear Cherub rocking out and getting the gears rolling for a magical festival. Props to the guys for being one of the first acts to go. Their fan base in strong in the forest and Cherub could've played any stage any time to raging results!

Jason Huber (Left) & Jordan Kelley (Right) of Cherub



Heading deeper into the festival grounds, excitement was mounting as we entered the sherwood forest for the first time.  We were embarking on a weekend full of art instillations, out of this world performances, secret sets and more!  As we crossed under the arch way and passed by a mysterious clock tower, we were engulfed by some of this planets happiest people.


The forest is so awe inspiring, pictures and words simply cannot do it justice.


As the sun began to set on day 1, the vibes permeating for the forest stage could not have been more perfect.  For that, we have Penguin Prison to thank.  The NYC native, took the decks for  a DJ set that had our quench for summertime beats satisfied almost right out of the gate!

Penguin Prison

Exiting the forest, it was time to bring on the first of many heavy bass sets.  Welcomed with open arms, Paper Diamond really started to turn things up a notch.  The onslaught of bass reached pinnacle heights as Zed's Dead took over and ended night 1 with bang!

Paper Diamond

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