ELEKTRO: Your sound spans through many genres, How did your sound manifest itself?

Eliot Lipp: Thats a good question, I'm not sure exactly how. I'd say theres a couple different angles to that. Stylistically its changed just based on my taste here and there but also just the purpose that it serves. Initially I was making beats for rappers, when i first started producing I was just making instrumentals for me and my friends to rap over and then to try and sell to rappers. Then artists like DJ Shadow and RJD2 and other guys started putting me onto the idea of putting out a solo record with no vocals on it. So I put in a lot of work on that kind of instrumental hip hop side of music like Blockhead and a lot of my favorite producers, in order to put together an album. But then I started playing live and I started playing in clubs and I wasn't playing club music. So then started the thing where, well, when people go out to the club on friday and saturday nights, people want to dance. So the whole purpose changed where I'm not making beats for MCs to rap over anymore now I'm making club music to be played in the clubs. But the whole time its really about trying to make a real cinematic and melodic sound. I like to have a lot of parts and changes and things so you know I’m trying to find a balance of making songs and making tracks.

ELEKTRO: You have performed with a band in the past, tell me about what its like playing with a band as oppose to playing a solo DJ set?

Eliot Lipp: Well, I definitely like performing with a live band its very different from the solo thing and in the fall I am going to be doing a lot more shows with the band. We actually just confirmed a show in Chicago in August at a festival with a live band so we are planning on doing a handful of dates. But yeah its night and day, the collaboration with other musicians is a lot of fun but its a different approach. The solo sets are more DJing and its by myself. I am still playing live synth but playing with the band is totally different.

ELEKTRO: Your last album was released on Pretty Lights Music and was for free. How do you feel about giving your music away for free?

Eliot Lipp: I am stoked on it. That was one of the main things that drew me to the Pretty Lights label was that they don't charge for releases. I charge for vinyl and t-shirts and other stuff but the music is free to whoever wants it and I feel like that is an awesome approach.

ELEKTRO: You have lived on both East and West coasts and also in Chicago among other places, can you describe the different scenes in those different areas?

Eliot Lipp: Well one thing about the East Coast is that its that much closer to Europe so in the club scene you have a lot of influence coming from the producers over there who have such a unique style. German dudes and producers from the UK with all the different styles of house and dubstep and even the big Ibiza guys who come through to New York more often than you will see them anywhere else have a big influence on that scene. And even the music history in New York with Punk and a lot of disco and all that evolution continuing on through the 80s and 90s so you have a history of club music in New York. And I think on the west coast one of the big influences on a lot of electronic music is burning man and I think a lot of the artists that are performing there are getting a lot of inspiration and support from that community. Among other things as well, the west coast has its own music history. LA and the Bay Area have a big hip-hop scene. And there has always been a good rave scene out there too with house and techno and electro. Even when I lived in Chicago for a couple years, I definitely get a lot of inspiration from my environment, from the community and other producers who i meet and collaborate with. So I feel like it has definitely helped me as a producer progress my sound in different ways.

ELEKTRO: What is your favorite thing to do on your downtime away from music?

Eliot Lipp: I really enjoy hiking whenever I can get out.

ELEKTRO: EDM is always progressing, what do you think of the current state of EDM?

Eliot Lipp: Well my most recent release is more trap oriented and a lot of the stuff coming out recently has a big trap influence which I enjoy but I also feel like it isn’t safe to put all your eggs into one basket. EDM is constantly evolving and I try to mix it up to reach a bigger audience. It seems as though some producers might go deep into the trap thing and not be able to progress with the other trends that will take over but I am definitely into the trap and hip-hop sound.

ELEKTRO: What are some your future plans?

Eliot Lipp: I’m going to be putting together some shows in August and the Fall where I will be performing with a live band and I’m really excited about that. Also been writing some music for my next album which I’m planning to release on Pretty Lights Music some time in the near future.

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