Alex Botwin aka Paper Diamond holds his origins in Livetronic and Acid Jazz when he was the bassist in Pnuma Trio. Since then he has gone solo in the EDM scene and burst to the forefront of trap, transforming the typically heavy sound into groovy, melodic compositions.

He founded the Elm & Oak record label in Boulder, Colorado and in 2010 he signed with Pretty Lights Music, eventually leaving for his current label Mad Decent. He's not new to the forest: he's been hitting the Electric Forest stage since 2012.

Perhaps the most interesting part of his live sets are his tools: he uses an iPad's Touch OSC software to construct an Ableton set. He's very transparent about his composition, discussing his use of the program with his fans and often turning the iPad towards the audience to show them what he's doing live: a breath of fresh air from headliners who barely touch the knobs.
Though its unusual to use all digital equipment instead of actually feeling the knobs, Alex uses the program to create massive tempo shifts that maintain their accuracy do to his ability to first twist a virtual knob (with no min and max) before typing in a precise bpm. The program uses multiple pages to slide between decks, tempo, and effects. In the studio he uses an MPC 4000, Fender Rhodes keyboard, and a Moog Voyager with Ableton. Visual effects are a major part of his performance and he strives to support visual artists as much as he can.
He gives away all of his music for free here.