Favorite drink? Alcohol? Virgin?

D - Jack on the rocks. Always.
K - Chocolate Milk

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

D - Flying! that way I wouldn't have to deal with airports!
K - Invisibility

Favorite candy / snack?

D- Gummy Bears. we have 5 packs on our tour rider.

What do you drive?

D- The L Train.
K - Spaceship

What kind of watch do you wear?

D- iPhone 4S. tells time like a champ.
K - iphone

Favorite Sneakers?

D- Chuck Taylors. Have been wearing them since 6th grade.
K - Chucks, Obv.

If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it?

D - probably listening to Queen & Fleetwood Mac since it's the greatest music ever made.
K - That's quite the question

What song do you sing in the shower?

D- Usually Kesha or something.
K - Blame it on the Rain

Favorite video game?

D - Call of Duty. ALL DAY!!! Accepting challenges.
K - Double Dragon

What can’t leave home without?

D - my wallet or my phone.
K - Keys

First DJ you ever saw live? Where?

D - to be honest I can't recall! should I make something up like I saw Larry Levan ?
K - Never really followed DJ's that much honestly. While there are many talented DJ's out there, If I'm paying for tickets, it's usually to see a band or something like that.

Most embarrassing performance moment?

D - When equipment starts to malfunction ! there's nothing you can do and everyone in the crowd thinks it's your fault. it's just the worst!
K - Never

Are you superstitious? About?

D - NO
K - rarely. isn't it bad luck to tell?

First album you bought?

D - I want to say Nirvana's Nevermind. I'm sure that's everyone's answer though!
K - Michael Jackson - Bad

If you had to have eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

D - Lasagna. I'm on my garfield sh*t!
K - Fried Catfish Or Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes are good.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?

D - while skydiving!
K - really?

What’s on your computer wallpaper?

D - Our logo. obviously.
K - one mountain

What’s the best advice you ever got? From who?

D - Quality over quantity. from everyone with a brain.
K - the world doesn't revolve around you. - my parents

Favorite piece of DJ equipment? Why?

D - Technics 1200. I still love my vinyl!
K - Those Little headphone adapters.

What DJ do you want to:


D - James Zabiela. he always looks so happy when DJing.
K - Paris Hilton?

Party With?

D - Justice. I don't know why but I feel like those dudes know a thing or two about raging.
K - Lindsay Lohan?

DJ alongside live?

D - I mean I think there's only one logical Answer to this. DAFT PUNK.
K- Kate moss?

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