Yesterday, we reported the unfortunate news that Paris Hilton... I mean, DJ Paris Hilton has begun the next stage of her infecting of the dance music world; infiltrating festival lineups. She was named as a headliner for America's largest music festival, Summerfest. As expected, fans were not pleased. Many expressed their displeasure with the Summerfest booking on our Facebook, where fans said things like, "Oh god... no," and "she needs to go away." One fan was so upset by this news that he asked to be shot in his pelvic region — we're not quite sure how that would remedy the situation, but we certainly understand his frustrations.

Well today, fans are taking action. Fans have started a petition on to have Paris Hilton removed from the Summerfest lineup. The petition has already surpassed half of its 5K supporters goal. Whether or not Summerfest will make the unlikely decision of appeasing these fans remains to be seen (Spoiler: They're definitely not going to). You can read the petitioners' statement below.

"This is a middle finger to anyone who paid to go this festival. You claim to be one of the premier festivals in America and then you go ahead and hire someone like Paris Hilton. She is a disgrace to dance music and is a perfect example of what spoiled celebrities do when they're bored. She has no right to be paid good money to stand up there and clap her hands on a stage. That money could be used to hire credible djs that actually work hard on their craft. If Paris has any respect for dance music she would step down as she's clearly not worthy. Signing her to Summerfest is supporting a false, non credible, and quite frankly overall terrible "musician"/"DJ". This diminishes dance music as nothing more than a cheap show and if you have any respect for the integrity of music you will remove Paris Hilton from the lineup. Please sign and share this petition together we can at least show Paris that we won't stand for this."

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