When Paris Hilton first started her "DJ" career, we all thought this was just a phase... a very awkward phase. When she landed a residency at Amnesia in Ibiza, we said, "okay... this is getting ridiculous." Well, now Paris Hilton has reached the next stage in her DJ career; infiltrating festival lineups.

Summerfest (which boasts a massive lineup of over 800 bands to perform on 11 stages over the span of 11 days — appropriately claiming the title of America's largest festival) has just released it's extensive lineup via a weird trailer starring no one famous at all. Amongst the flurry of popular artists mentioned are Kaskade, shortly followed by DJ Paris Hilton... yes, DJ Paris Hilton.

There are many things wrong here, but let me point out the two most prevalent things. Paris Hilton is now being referred to as "DJ Paris Hilton." Secondly, Kaskade is going to be sharing a stage with DJ Paris Hilton. Repent... the end is near.

Paris Hilton stated on her Twitter, "Happy to be one of the headliners at this years #Summerfest along with some of my favorite artists! It's going to be a sick festival!" We beg to differ.

In all seriousness, the lineup is certainly interesting, jam-packed with some of the biggest artists, as well as legendary musical acts across every genre of music. If you think you can be in a certain radius of Paris Hilton's DJ set without losing some brain cells then hey, buy your tickets on the official Summerfest website. For the rest of us, let's just try to keep our distance.

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