Photos By: Jamal Eid

This past Saturday, December 5th in Los Angeles, marked the beginning of Desert Hearts winter 2015 edition of their beloved traveling tour - City Hearts. The last time the DH guys went on the road was during the well-suited season surrounding Valentines Day, where they headed to Glendale, CA during their stop in the LA area. This time around they hosted the underground event at the Belasco Theater - and to be quite frank the change of venue wasn't the only thing that seemed to define how far the crew have come in such a short time.

The crowd was larger, the crowd was more comfortable, aesthetics were more professional, and the City Hearts line-up catered to a sound that was now definable and their own.

The essence and community of the Desert Hearts family is incomparable and rightfully so. With the philosophy of "One Love, One Stage, One Vibe," creating the tone of their festivals and shows, the Burning Man-influenced collective are in for further growth in the coming year.

For now though, you better brace yourself 'cause "Winter is Coming."

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