Beyond the fact that we just celebrated the tenth year of Treasure Island (and despite the pouring rain causing fans, fest promoters, and artists to quickly adapt), the decade old festival in all its indie glory is one of the most special festival experiences to be on the circuit today. The lineup boasts only a mere 15 artists (significantly smaller compared to their competitors), but promises fans an experience completely unique for their stature--the opportunity to catch every performance. No set conflicts, no stress, just the breeze of SF taking you from the first beat directly to the next. Minus a lapse of three hours while we all waited the storm out...


Before the rain though, SOFI TUKKER took the Tunnel Stage by storm (pun intended), and got the whole of Treasure Island fans excited as they meshed the best parts of indie and electronica together.

Check out our quickie with SOFI TUKKER below as we sit down with one of our favorites on the bill and discuss all things Treasure Island:




1. You’ve found yourself stuck on an island. All you have is a record player and three LPs to listen to for the rest of your life. What are those three albums?

Pet Shop Boys
Rolling Stones

2. It’s been a long journey; you’re exhausted, hungry, and thirsty AF. But you’ve made it to the end of the rainbow, and they were right—a pot of gold awaits you, gleaming in the sunlight that peaks through the fading rain clouds. How would you change the world with the money?

Conserve all of nature

3. What’s your favorite thing about San Francisco?

The people! We love the vibes of the people at the festival. Also when we had our show a few months ago at Rickshaw Stop, the people were amazing!!

4. Who were you most excited to see at Treasure Island? If you were to collaborate on a single with them, what would you name the track?

Glass Animals. Song would be called "Soft Glass Animals"

5. What did you want to grow up to be when you were ten years old?

Tucker: NBA basketball player
Sophie: ballerina firefighter


"Signed some boobies yesterday 😎"
"Signed some boobies yesterday 😎"


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