This year summer camp came to us adults (turned #filthybirds) in October, and the result was a magnetizing group camaraderie that would out due last year’s first edition of the highly-celebrated--Dirtybird Campout. For starters, this year the festival was never rained out—a plague that hit Oak Canyon Park quite a few times during 2015’s festival season. This year though, the weather was warm in the day (perfect for water balloon tosses), and cool in the evenings (perfect for that onesie or fur coat you got at Buffalo Exchange—“just in case”).


The lineup was also riddled with drool-worthy players from up-and-comer Sacha Robotti who got festival attendees ready to party early during the three-day weekend (note his below mix that got you pumped during your drive to Silverado from LA), to Claude Vonstroke literally tearing the stage up in 4+ different set times (eg. Claude, Barclay Crenshaw, GET REAL, Family Closing set).



But the best part of the whole ordeal will always be the people around you. The artists provide an immersive experience for their fans and the fans welcome them with open arms as if Claude was their favorite uncle—who might drink a little too much at family gatherings.


Here are some of our favorite shots from the festival, taken by the talented--Get Tiny Photography:


Now check out our top three moments out of all of the amazing memories shared at this year's Dirtybird Campout:


1. When Claude VonStroke came out during Green Velvet’s set for a surprise GET REAL b2b



2. When you found yourself dancing next to Kraft Punk in the middle of Barclay Crenshaw’s late night hip-hop set. Was this really happening, you asked yourself? Indeed it was; he gave you a slice of Kraft cheese from his pocket. You ate it.



3. When you sat down with the rest of camp on Friday night and watched the Dirtybird documentary (see below). And when you re-watched it at home the next week, getting a whoosh of feelzz and post-festival depression.

Can't wait till year three, Dirtybird fam!


P.S. If you were wondering why J. Phlip never showed up. Go here.

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