Mord Fustang has been a well-known figure of the dance music scene since 2012; the same year he won the honor of Beatport's Breakthrough Artist of the Year at their annual awards. Now, he's kicked off 2015 with a major landmark release, which comes in the form of his debut album, 9999 in 1.

While today marks the album's official release (on his own Magic Trooper imprint), tracks from the album have been gracing the web since mid-2014, which have premiered on a variety of music outlets, including The EDM Network, Billboard, The FADER, UKF, and more, showing that music fans and critics of all sorts have been long-awaiting the return of Mord.

The album explores Mord's love for video games, as the title pays homage to the small numbers located on the plastic cartridges of the bootleg video games of his childhood. Listeners will hear the manifestation of this inspiration, as its fun, and often times chaotic electronic barrage that would suit as the soundtrack to any video game.

Long-time fans of Mord will be pleased with the album, as his classic sound and style are present through tracks like the album's first single, 'Drivel,' as well as tracks like 'Skyward World,' and 'Elite Beat Agent.' Aside from satisfying loyal fans, he shows his potential for (lack of a better word) pop-crossover with 'Pop,' featuring Canadian duo LIINKS.

On the contrary, the album comes complete with the crunchy, hard-hitting track 'PRESS START!' (which is inspired by the timer from classic games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat that ticks down before the player presses the start button), and the wobbly, dubstep-infused continuation of an old Mord track, 'Milky Way (Pt.2).'

9999 in 1 is not only a debut LP that supplies his well-known, unique EDM sounds, but also a release that showcases his versatility. Thus, the album is a collection of tracks that offers something for every electronic music fan. 9999 in 1 is also one that was worth the wait, and it seems Mord is here to stay this time.

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