On June 17th, Deadmau5 fans of all statures will embark on a new journey of the ever-loved Mau5 head’s mind. The highly anticipated release is expected to be his biggest accomplishment yet, as he proudly posted on Twitter last month, While (1<2) will be “the first album I’ve ever done that I would even call an album… it’s put together like an album, not a compilation.” So as the days bring us closer, it’s undeniable that not only do Deadmau5 fans have some pretty high expectations for the album, the Canadian EDM heartthrob is quite proud of himself as well.

Joel’s seventh studio album will be a two-disc LP with 25 tracks; but as fans anxiously wait for the release, pre-ordering the album will get you a sneak peak with, “Avarita,” originally released as a part of his “Seven Deadly Sins” Soundcloud EP pack. The album in total will be a clever play on programming, the language of computer technology, and is rumored to directly translate as code, commanding an indefinite loop… We see you Joel, and we’re impressed.

Deadmau5 describes the release date for the album as coming later than expected, but assures the public that it will be worth the wait. In a recent press release, Joel says of his work, “It’s a good mix of shit I want to do versus shit people want to hear or what they would expect. It’s a good balance. It’s not like, ‘Oh, it’s such a departure. He’s doing smooth jazz.’ It was when I was working on some live stuff, set lists for shows and stuff like that, and it just must have been a couple of tracks that sounded pretty good stitched together end to start and I thought, ‘Well, if I ever do an album or compile this into some kind of album this has got to be that part of the order for that.’ And I just kind of took everything and played musical Tetris with it.”

So as the hype builds, were inclined to believe him when he tells us that the wait will be worth it; I mean the controversial Mau5 hasn’t disappointed us yet, right?

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