Tonight at 5PM PST / 8PM EST, Mord Fustang will be live streaming "Plugged In With Mord Fustang," a unique video-game centered event that comes in anticipation of his forthcoming debut album 9999 in 1.

Teaming up with LessThan3 and Machinima (the most notorious purveyor of fandom and gamer culture), the event will feature an exclusive interview about gaming, a discussion of music focused on his forthcoming LP, followed by a live tutorial on constructing a track from Mord himself. Then, fans will get their chance to go head to head with Mord in the new Halo on Xbox Live!

Who doesn't want to get pwnd by Mord Fustang? Also, expect some special guests like EDM prodigy Cole Plante, and more... #BoomHeadshot!

Tune in tonight on to be part of the action! Also, check out the first single from the upcoming album, "Drivel," below!

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