Back in January, Mord Fustang released his debut album 9999 in 1. The album explored Mord’s love for video games, as the title pays homage to the small numbers located on the plastic cartridges of the bootleg video games of his childhood. Featured on the album was the second single from the release, "Pop" featuring Canadian duo Liiinks, which stood out from the rest of the album as a track suitable for radio play.

Shortly following the release, Mord Fustang teamed up with Beatport (who also named Mord their Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2012) to launch a remix competition for the track, with the winner earning an exclusive Beatport release of their remix. Now, we've been presented with the winner of the competition — ST4RBUCK, who transforms the track from it's (for lack of a better word) pop-orientation to a dubstep production that takes its listeners on a roller coaster ride of crunchy wobbles and powerful melodic progressions that still remains true to the original's uplifting feel.

The track is now available on Beatport via Mord Fustang's own Magic Trooper imprint — the same label that released 9999 in 1.

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